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All our Cabins are now constructed from scratch to finish on site !

We have traded away from the typical Log Wendy Houses which are

pre-manufactured in kit form by most wendy companies

 So you found the perfect company,...
now it's time to create the timber home of your dreams.
a home that reflects your lifestyle, taste and personality
with a size and budget that feel RIGHT AT HOME

01. Energy efficient
Wood is a natural insulator and is very effective in isolating cold and heat. This means a saving a significant amount of energy when compared to stone, concrete and brick houses. As well as... being a good thermal insulator, wood is also an excellent noise absorber, making wooden houses warm, relaxing and peaceful.

02. Economically efficient
Because of the way these types of buildings are constructed and the careful planning of their construction, they are quick to build when compared to buildings made from materials such as stone or concrete. This fast build represents a significant monetary saving.

03. Architecturally versatile
The designs make it easy to make changes and modifications to your build. Making additions, changing the plot size or moving around rooms within the design are all feasible allowing you to get the home in the style you want. Whether it's a conventional home or something more modern and darking, the choice is yours.

04. Environmentally friendly
Made from sustainable timber, these buildings are not only environmentally friendly with regards to where they come from and how they get there, but what they do when built: wooden structures actively help the environment by absorbing and storing atmospheric CO2.

05. Natural product
The timber is both natural and organic. A beautiful, strong product provided by nature.

With competition growing every year in our industry, what sets us apart from all the rest?

-          We offer  products of the highest quality

-          All our products are upgradable to your unique requirements


-          We don’t compromise on quality

-          5 Year Workmanship Warrantee

-          Keeping our running costs low while CONTINUING TO GROW

-          DISCOUNTS and special offers

-          Structural Wood for framework on Houses

-          We offer FREE Installation on all our products

-          WE NOW DELIVERY NATIONAL (terms & conditions apply)

Lastly, we have chosen this line of work because of OUR LOVE OF WOOD, the outdoors and our passion for wanting to spread the tranquil and warm hearted feeling which our products provide!

Dear Valued Clients, we want to wish you a wonderful day and year ahead!

We have all begun to fill out our new calendars and see how the year is shaping up. We add celebrations, appointments and meetings. We make note of projects, endeavours and ideas that we want to implement or at least consider.

So on this day of 2014, know that all is not lost, and all is not won. Each day will bring both rewards and challenges, and God will bless the living of each day. So have faith, even if you think it is only the size of a mustard seed, God can work with it. Don't give up. Keep the faith and do your best. God is with you. You'll be surprised as you count your blessings throughout 2014